• Dua Qunoot - Beautiful recitation

    Dua Qunoot - Beautiful recitation by Qari Abdul Majid Siddiqui
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    1. Miss KnowEverything's Avatar
      Miss KnowEverything -
      mein ne yaad ki thi dua e Qunoot.... bhool gaiee
    1. WiseMuslim's Avatar
      WiseMuslim -
      I am still working on this one. I think it might take me some time. Already been more than a year.
    1. Miss KnowEverything's Avatar
      Miss KnowEverything -
      ^ lol
    1. admin's Avatar
      admin -
      This video has been updated!
    1. Miss KnowEverything's Avatar
      Miss KnowEverything -
      Very nice

      is it really dua e qanoot?
    1. fayax's Avatar
      fayax -
      Yes But dua qunoot does not have to be a specific one. Although specific ones exist there are also others and also several duas can be joined to make a longer dua which can be used as dua qunoot. I think.
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